The cross-sectional study was conducted in Karachi in February, 2018, the surveillance study was done by the medical students in the city. The sample size calculated for the survey is N=300. A survey questionnaire was developed to address the study questions and was disseminated among the medical students of different universities in Karachi. The respondents were asked to answer 20 both open-ended and close-ended questions.

The answers were analyzed statically by the use of software. According to our estimation, we analysed that around 80% of medical students were aware about the effect of immunosuppressives as life saving drug. Some of them had average knowledge about this, and some of them had no knowledge about even the immunosuppressives.

The p — value was also determined and it was found to be 0.00(p <0.05)


According to our survey, the results are found to be as follows:

FIGURE 1.1: Awareness on immunosuppressive among medical students, according to our results, 92% of students are aware about immunosuppressive.
FIGURE 1.2: Awareness about class of drugs that having life saving effects, according to our results, only 55 out of 150 students know about the effect of immune suppressive as life saving drug.
FIGURE 1.3: Awareness about indications of immunosuppressives, according to our results, majority of students considered immunosuppressives as to treat autoimmune disorder.
FIGURE 1.4: Awareness about harmful effects of immunosuppressive in pregnancy and breast feeding.
FIGURE 1.5: Awareness about ADRs and side effects of immunosuppressives.
FIGURE 1.6: Awareness about life saving effects of immunosuppressive, according to results, 66.7% of students knew about life saving effects of immunosuppressive.
FIGURE 1.7: Awareness about class of drugs that having more life saving effects.


After the analysis of our survey based data we conclude that medical students are aware about the term and use of immunosuppressants. The ratio of awareness about immunosuppressants among medical students is good enough i.e. about 92% of the students have the idea about the immunosuppressants, but they lack in the knowledge about their consequences, side effects and adverse drug effects. Immunosuppressants are also lifesaving drugs and about 66% know their effects as lifesaving drugs and 74% know that they are harmful in pregnancy. These drugs are mostly used in organ transplantation as shownin 1 report of 23 cases of Antibody Mediated Rejection (AMR) in kidney transplant, 4 patients did not get any AMR, whereas 16 patients were prescribed with immunosuppressant to reduce the AMR.

So from all this data we came to know that there is a lack of complete knowledge about immunosuppressants and this is an alarming situation for our society that if medical students are not completely aware about this then how they will be able to prescribe a medication. This is a serious issue and the medical authorities must know about this and they should plan something for the betterment of medical students and for the society.